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tel / fax: 0114 285 1315
Email: BM@crawshawfarm.co.uk

traditional farmers for 4 generations

Crawshaw Farm

tel / fax: 0114 285 1315

email: BM@crawshawfarm.co.uk

Price Guide

We are local farmers who have  diversified into retail butchery.

We breed our own beef and lamb, and buy in pigs from a neighbouring farm.

We hang our beef to mature, which makes it tender and succulent.

We make dry cured bacon and ham matured for the best flavour.

Our hand-made sausages are “whole pig” for extra meatiness, with a variety of seasonings.

We sell fresh meat and also have a selection of frozen produce.




Stew, cubed



Braising steak






Best roast



Slow roast









Rump steak



Sirloin steak






Ribeye steak






Have you tried our quarterpounder burgers, available in a variety of seasonings at 50p each?