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Horse Passport Agency applications filled out.

Silhouettes & DNA samples taken for breed societies (where required).

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Animal Ultrasound Scanning Ltd offers a mobile pregnancy detection service for owners of cattle, sheep, alpacas, dogs and cats.

Information provided by the scan allows owners to manage their animals appropriately. 

We use ultrasound to image foetuses so there is no dangerous radiation.

Pregnancy Scanning

Quiet, painless and safe – can be done in your own home.

No hair clipping required – so non-pregnant bitches can return directly to the show ring.

No stress – bitch stands on floor.

Litters can be visualised and counted – allows owner to feed appropriate amounts.

Scanning should ideally occur at 4 to 5 weeks pregnant.

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Ewes are scanned in a standing position.  We have a purpose built crush and race system with built in shedder so ewes can be sorted as they are scanned!

Ideally ewes are scanned at 40 - 75 days pregnant (accuracy when counting lambs decreases as the pregnancy progresses).

Barren ewes can be identified and removed from the flock.

Ewes carrying single lambs are not overfed and when lambed can be used to foster lambs onto.

Ewes carrying multiple lambs can have more feed to avoid twin lamb disease.

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Cattle can be scanned through a crush or through the parlour, from 6 weeks pregnant. In early pregnancy twins can be identified.

“Heads up display goggles” available allowing flexibility with location of scanning.

Barren cows can be identified and managed.  Calves from A.I. or pasture service can be detected and dated.

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Simple and painless procedure allowing visualisation of cria.

Ideally scan at 3 months pregnant.

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